Shared Model Customer Support

A shared support model is a help desk support service that handles calls for your company as well as other companies. The shared model most benefits a business whose call volume is lower or less predictable, as well as businesses who experience seasonality in regards to their call patterns. In these cases, the shared model can be a good money saver, since its services are normally billed for time supporting customers, rather than fixed pay.

If your business already has a call center partner, a shared model can offer additional overflow services linked with peak call periods. In regards to unanticipated or sudden increases in call volume, the help desk provider is able to immediately transfer these calls to additional agents, foregoing the hassle of having to maintain your own staffing levels, since the help desk provider takes on this burden.

Product Portfolio for Direct Response Marketing is governed by similar mechanism and methodologies. Skin, Nutra, Diet, Health Supplements and Performance Supplements are ideal products to opt for a shared model Inbound Call Center. In a shared resource arrangement, one customer service agent is assigned tasks of multiple clients. This is an effective way of reducing costs, particularly when the volume of calls or end customer interactions is low.

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