Evolving At Each Step To Make Your Business A Long Standing Success
Each aspect of our Direct Response Trial management solution is specially designed to work towards one major goal – increasing our clients’ bottom line!
Preventing Chargebacks is a Key Factor in Retaining a Customer
Our Subject Matter Expert staff are skilled at finding ways of resolving customer issues without resulting in a charge-back.
Result-Driven Sales Team is Focused towards Converting Your Leads into Sales
Our creative and rewarding Sales remuneration plans are designed to encourage stringent compliance to policies and high conversion rates.

We are here to make youstand out from the Competition!


We believe in providing our clients with complete data visibility of our custom built Dashboard to maintain transparency and foster business growth.

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Our dedicated data analytics and business intelligence team utilizes campaign data to provide our clients with continuous improvement and process optimization solutions.

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Better Business Bureau & Attorney General

At DR Republic, we fully understand the importance of preventing charge-backs as a key factor in retaining customers and increasing brand recognition.

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Email Support & Live Chat

E-mail Support and Live Chat satisfy customer's ever growing need to have their questions answered with respect to websites, products and services, thus increasing conversions and sales.

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Direct Response Contact Center

If your business requires after hours or overflow call management, we offer some of the most efficient and cost effective solutions.

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ARC Score provides a bird's eye view of your DR campaign’s profitability and future predictability of your marketing efforts, enabling you to gain deeper insights using data.

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Direct ResponseLeadership


We call ourselves experts because over the last 13 years we have grown exponentially with our clients. We have worked closely with them to overcome all hurdles and evolve at each step to make their business a long standing success.

Business process outsourcing has established itself as a global mainstream strategy for business growth and DR Republic’s vast experience within the outsourcing services industry gives it the strategic advantage of being able to be flexible and open to varied models of delivery and operations to suit our client’s needs.

Each aspect of our Direct Response Trial management solution is specially designed to work towards one major goal – increasing our client’s bottom line!

Our operations and client services team works closely with prospects to ensure we formulate strategies designed for optimal customer service, retention and sales to match the needs of your Direct Response Trial campaign.



At DR Republic, we understand that our clients rely on us to provide statistical data analysis targeted towards increasing business efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in today’s competitive business environment.

Our dedicated data analytics and business intelligence teams smartly utilize campaign data to provide our clients with continuous process improvements and optimization.

We strive to provide our clients with high-quality end to end data analytics on the performance of various functions pertaining to their campaign. We achieve this by managing their data—from the front office to the back office, to generate process innovations, improve delivery time, and increase revenue.

With our expert data analytics team and technology, we can help you turn your valuable Customer, Sales, and Market data into “data driven” business insights, resulting in intelligent and timely decision making for better business outcomes.

Our Vision


To become a strategic partner of choice by providing our clients with the best value proposition in Global Direct Response Marketing services and deliver best in class quality & customer experience, growth and sustainability.

Our Mission


We collaborate with each of our unique clients in creating synergies and strategic business alliances which allows us to better empower our people, with the mission to build strong relationships with customers and add value to each and every customer interaction. We are committed to providing our clients on-going value and success.

Our Culture

DR Republic's mentoring and nurturing organizational culture and architecture inspires our people to live and breathe dynamic, entrepreneurial, innovative ideas with a keen focus on efficiency, stability and “doing things right.” Coaching to behaviors and metrics, we employ a six sigma management methodology to promote positive attitudes and a problem solving mindset that empowers the mind and enables creativity.

Our Office Spaces are purpose built to encourage creative thinking and provide a healthy, refreshing environment for our staff. Our break rooms are fully equipped with Gym equipment, video gaming consoles, foosball, Ping-Pong and Air hockey to help keep our millennial-eccentric staff inspired, entertained, and motivated.

Our in-house chef prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner on the house for our team members and all of our nutritious meals are served in a state of the art cafeteria designed for our team’s health, comfort and relaxation.

With a Global presence, we believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, partners and employees, as well as with the community at large. We express our social responsibility in a range of corporate initiatives that impact our stakeholders and the community positively.


Diversity & Pluralism


Human Capital Development


Encouraging The Heart


Prosperity & Growth


Promoting Innovation & Creativity

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Quality Assurance


At DR Republic, we make every plausible effort to ensure that our clients are provided with the best quality service at all times. When we think of quality, we do not simply focus on call monitoring; we enforce total quality management tools, which allows our team to monitor calls, complete monitoring forms, analyze results, and provide agent’s feedback and coaching plans.

Team supervisors use these tools and systems to track agents on specific client calls as well as evaluate overall quality and performance.

We employ a three tier approach to ensure quality is maintained in every customer interaction.

The service provided by DR Republic was very professional and quick. I am thoroughly satisfied with the deliverables and would definitely recommend them for any Direct Response marketing requirements.




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