Inbound Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

In this day and age, you need a competitive edge, and sending potential new customers to voicemail was never sufficient and never will be. Human intelligence will surpass any and all artificial interaction. Our intelligent, compassionate, and highly trained professionals answer your calls around the clock, on weekends, nights and holidays; you can forward your calls 24 hours a day, all year round. We provide you with complete access to agent performance reports via our intuitive dashboards that ensure you enjoy complete visibility and transparency in results. If your business requires after hours or overflow call management, we offer some of the most efficient and cost effective solutions to meet your specific needs.

Bilingual Answering

Our Bilingual Answering Service and multilingual agents ensure that your customer gets the best quality service regardless of their language preference. So when you partner with DR Republic, your business reach can extend to any market in a dependable, cost effective manner.

Appointment Scheduling

At DR Republic, we have the capability and capacity to handle all of your appointment scheduling needs. Whether you are a growing business or a busy enterprise, we can efficiently handle all your incoming calls and appointment scheduling. Our dedicated staff works around the clock to increase your business growth by elevating service levels and customer interaction.

Claims Handling

If your business involves dealing with a magnitude of claims, we can help you process them efficiently and effectively, eliminating fixed costs and staff investments. Our innovative technology allows our team members to instantly determine what information is required and how to go about getting it.

Conference & Event Registration

Planning a conference or an event for your business can be a monumental task that requires a diverse range of expertise. We offer custom made platforms that are capable of handling large and small volume conference and seminar registrations that cater to your specific needs.  Alternatively, if you already have a registration system in place, our friendly and professional staff can log into your software to initiate registration, process payments, answer frequently asked questions, and even give callers directions to your event from their respective area.

Order Processing

Efficient processing of customer orders is the backbone of many businesses. When it comes to customer retention, speedy processing of orders is as important as making the sale itself. Our team of highly trained experts specialize in knowing your work flows and ensure that you not only increase your consumer base but also strengthen your already existing client relationships through efficient order processing and feedback.