Outbound – Customer Retention

With over 13 years of experience in delivering customer service and support to Direct Response Trial customers, DR Republic understands that the key differentiation in today’s dynamic environment is often the delivery of a consistently high standard of customer service. In this highly competitive world of Direct Response, retention is a major objective. We understand that a high churn rate and a low customer retention rate will result in a low Customer LTV for your DR Business.

Our team knows that successful customer retention starts with the first contact an organization has with a customer and continues throughout the entire lifecycle of a relationship. Customer retention has a direct impact on profitability, and at DR Republic, our highly trained staff is skilled at customer retention methodologies. We focus our efforts towards retaining your customers whilst ensuring all the relevant metrics are also delivered, such as Charge back reduction, Refund reduction, increasing average ticket and delivering skilled customer service resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Our skilled, result-driven sales team is targeted at converting your leads, not just in Sales, but quality sales. Our creative and rewarding sales remuneration systems are designed to encourage stringent compliance to policies and high conversion rates. Working with us, you will see your BBB and AG complaints reduce exponentially and result in a directly proportional increase in your brand recognition, customer satisfaction, sales and retention rates.