The question arises; which analytical data set best caters to a variety of users of data for a Direct Response Trial campaign? In trying to find the data sweet spot, some might say, a single data point isn’t all that useful for understanding how something works, but neither is a big pile of statistics. Context is the key to making metrics actionable. But, given all of the data and dashboards we’re dealing with, that process can be over-whelming and time consuming towards drawing conclusions from your data.

So, how can you turn those numbers into something more — in an organized and thoughtful way?

Presenting ARC Score ™; at DR Republic, we have transformed data into a meaningful story in a structured way. Designed specifically for Direct Response Trial, ARC Score provides the full cycle view of your DR campaign’s profitability and future predictability of your marketing efforts, all in an extremely user-friendly and uniquely designed dashboard presentation.

At DR Republic, we believe that context helps marketers make better decisions by drawing conclusions that are more meaningful and accurate. ARC Score ™ will assist you in creating context around data to gain deeper insights and understand which actions should be taken using such data.